finally, a convo with shawn.........

xcaseyqx: come backkkk

Auto response from parvusrex18: kevincredible
parvusrex18: i'm here
parvusrex18: i'm queer
parvusrex18: what?!
xcaseyqx: i knew u were there and just looking at porn

xcaseyqx: i am just having a terrible time at my own party
xcaseyqx: so i told them all i was going to bed and came into my room to hopefully see that u were still here
parvusrex18: yes
parvusrex18: of course
xcaseyqx: my best friends hate my roomate and more specifically my roomate's boyfriend and it was just ugly out there.
parvusrex18: ouch
parvusrex18: ok, what you need to do:
parvusrex18: go next door
parvusrex18: ask the fag to rescue the party
xcaseyqx: ahahah
parvusrex18: it's one of our talents
xcaseyqx: ahhahaha
parvusrex18: either:
xcaseyqx: well i didn't want to invite him to a whack party in case he isn't and wants to do me if i'm cool.
parvusrex18: 1) he will turn the party around
parvusrex18: or
parvusrex18: 2) he will scare everyone out
parvusrex18: true
parvusrex18: well, have you seen his place?
parvusrex18: is it nice?
parvusrex18: decorated?
parvusrex18: martha stewart living magazines?
xcaseyqx: hey sorry
xcaseyqx: ive seen it
xcaseyqx: no
xcaseyqx: it's not
xcaseyqx: it's a boy's place
xcaseyqx: no cleaning products
xcaseyqx: no knick knacks or accent pillows
parvusrex18: swiffer?
xcaseyqx: sorry these neighbors stopped by and i wanted to say hi and they wanted in my pussy
xcaseyqx: anyways
xcaseyqx: don't think so
parvusrex18: he's str8 :-(

xcaseyqx: seriously
xcaseyqx: i forgot how awesome it was talking to u.
parvusrex18: haha
xcaseyqx: u just sit here and talk about how hot i am and i love it
parvusrex18: HAHAHA
parvusrex18: and we both just make cracks about me being a total queer all the time
parvusrex18: and we BOTH love it
xcaseyqx: yepppppppppp

parvusrex18: that rhymes with like "melivinatrailorpark"
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me and my disgust with hollywood

I recently read in the news that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are now dating. Now honestly, people, if this doesn't scream "PUBLICITY STUNT!!!" to you then I just don't know what to do with you. This is ridiculous. Number 1, I think that Tom Cruise is a flaming queen and dates high-profile women to help maintain his career and/or help jumpstart theirs. Katie Holmes is about to come out with Batman Begins and a few other films, and I think that this is obviously her attempt to become a superstar Hollywood Actress, like say, Julia Roberts or ahem, Nicole Kidman. I bet that her and Chris Klein broke up b/c she wanted to be more famous and more successful and he just wanted to be down-home boy next door Chris Klein forever. And I applaud him. Do it for the craft. But anyways, I just think that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise dating is the biggest piece of crap ever. That's all.
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me and my new plan

I'm going to be alone no matter what, so I might as well do it somewhere cool. That's what I'm thinking. So first, I'm going to move to Japan. I want to go to a culture so overwhelmingly UNLIKE my own, and be without any support system at all. No friends, no family, nothing. I mean obviously I'll need to find some sort of job to support myself there, but I'm essentially going to be on my own without anything. And I will work and write and see what happens and what I write and figure out. Then, I'm going to Spain. I have to go to Spain because I promised myself I would live in Spain eventually and I'm going to do it then. Then, after that, who knows. I think I'm going to base my decision on how good the country's economy is. So that way I can live the best, get the best exchange rates, etc. I think that this is the best plan ever. I need to start saving money for Japan now. And for a new laptop because this one is starting to blow. It'll be 2 years i've had this in July. The problems i've had with this piece of shit are just ridiculous. I'm going to buy a powerbook maybe during my senior year, who knows. maybe when I graduate. If i have enough money to go to japan and shit and have money left over, i will. but powerbooks are a shitload of money so, who knows. This is what i'm going to do instead of graduate school. Fuck grad school. This is way more of a learning experience that any courses I could take in grad school. If you want to come, too bad, it's a solo mission.
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me and you watching romeo and juliet

so you've probably all seen Romeo + Juliet w/ Leonardo DiCraprio and Claire Danes. And at the end of the movie, don't you all think, Well, maybe Romeo won't kill himself. Maybe he'll realize she's not dead. Maybe they'll be together. But he still dies, and she wakes up and is like AW FUCK. This movie sucks. I hate it. Okay, i lie. I love this movie, but I HATE this story. I think that Romeo is a loser and just falls in love with every girl. Come on, Rosaline? Remeber how he was so distraught over her and then all of a sudden, it's like oh forget that, I found this new chick, Juliet. And then he's so madly in love with her. And Juliet, well Juliet is just a very sheltered spoiled girl who wants to disobey her parents who are very overprotective. So them being in love is like, prolly not even true.
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me and the OC and andrew george greenhow

I've been watching the OC all afternoon, and I've been studying Adam Brody as "Seth Cohen" and I've come to a conclusion. There is no way that Adam Brody did not study Andy Greenhow to prepare for his role as Seth Cohen. I just don't see how he could not be aware of that which is Andy. Here are references for you as to why I am so confident about this:

1) The self-deprecating humor- Anytime Seth spouts out something about you know, say his days at Camp Tuckaho where he was called a girl, or anything in reference to how he thinks he is a dork, I am reminded of Andy's similar sense of humor. I hate it when people make jokes about how they think they are a dork or some other feature/quality of themselves that they think is lame or something. BUT, Andy does this, and it amuses me, even though I don't agree with most of the statements and wish he was a little more self-confident.

2) The facial expressions- There is something about the way Adam Brody moves his mouth as Seth Cohen that seriously reminds me of Andy. I really can't specify more than that, but it's true.

3) The lady drama- Now okay, this is all story line and Adam Brody can't control this with his acting talent, but i had to add it. Andy Greenhow is just a magnet for the lady drama. Most of it occurs because of his own mental anguish, like the constant milling over shit, just like Seth. (okay i do this too, but Andy and Seth take it to a whole new level)

4) Adam Brody has the amazing ability to portray this character as someone who is not the most popular dude, but is just the cutest thing ever, and make you love him. Just like Andy.

Okay, so Andy, I hope you don't take any of this in the wrong way, but I just love both you and Seth Cohen so much and wanted to talk about how you are like, essentially the same human being.

I love you, Andy.
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me and the oc

okay, so i know all you whores watch The OC..... now, let's all ask ourselves this--- WHY DOES TATE DONOVAN WALK LIKE THAT?!?!?!!? It's seriously so weird, like he's walking on glass, or with a stick up his ass, or something. God. It's getting on my nerves. k.
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